How To Raise Your Tenant’s Rent Or Issue A Rent Increase Notice

Written by: Daniel CoeOctober 15, 2023

Whether you're a self-managing landlord or a property portfolio owner in South West London, the subject of raising rent is a delicate but necessary one. It can be a tightrope walk between maintaining market competitiveness and preserving good relationships with reliable tenants. This guide aims to help you tread this line carefully, armed with proper knowledge and the right approach.

The Timing of a Rent Increase

Raising rent isn't simply about market rates; it's about timing and tact. Before considering an increase, assess your tenant’s reliability and the broader economic landscape. With the current cost-of-living pressures, rent hikes can push even reliable tenants into financial stress. Always adopt a respectful, open dialogue when discussing money matters. Remember, a good tenant hasn't done anything to warrant an increase; it's market dynamics at play.

Understanding Rent Increase Rules

You have multiple ways to legally increase the rent, and each has its own set of rules. Here are some common methods:

Mutual Agreement

If both parties agree to the new rate, document this through an email or a written agreement. This negates the need for a formal Section 13 rent increase notice. Make sure to specify the new rent and its commencement date.

Rent Review Clause

Your tenancy agreement might already have a rent review clause for periodic increases. In this case, a Section 13 Notice is unnecessary.

Section 13 Rent Increase Notice

If a mutual agreement is out of reach and your tenancy agreement lacks a rent review clause, you can serve a Section 13 Notice, but only after the fixed-term lease converts to a periodic tenancy.

  • Tenants paying weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly should get at least a month's notice. For those with less frequent payment schedules, align the notice period with the tenant's payment frequency.
  • You can only serve one Section 13 notice in a 12-month period.
  • Use Form 4, available here, to serve a Section 13 notice. Comply with any delivery stipulations in your tenancy agreement.
  • If your tenant challenges the rent increase, a tribunal will decide the outcome.

How Much Should You Raise the Rent?

If you have a predetermined rent increase clause, you cannot exceed that amount unless your tenant agrees.

Use market trends as a guideline. According Zoopla, London has seen double digit growth in the twelve months to July 2023. Balance this data against your tenant's situation and the current market conditions in your locality.

Further Information

For more details, visit the and Shelter websites, which offer comprehensive guides on this topic.


By understanding both the legal and human elements involved in rent increases, you can make better decisions that serve both your business interests and your tenant relationships.

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