Financial Management

Retain your property wealth for the long term.

We’ve learned that preserving property wealth requires a comprehensive approach across all areas of financial management. Traditionally advisors focus on one aspect without considering its impact on the others. We believe a joined-up approach is essential to providing a long-term solution.

Should you hold your property in your own name, in a Partnership, a Limited Company or a Trust? Should you consider incorporating your portfolio or creating a legacy for your family?

Is there always a scramble at the end of the year to pull together the information needed to complete your Tax Return? Do you need help creating reliable financial records? Are you deducting all your relevant business expenses from your profit.

Our trusted advisors are all professionals with whom we have a long-standing relationship and whose advice and expertise we rely on ourselves.

Does your mortgage broker specialise in mortgages for landlords? Can they offer the best products from across the market or are they tied to a particular lender?

Most wealth managers will only consider one aspect of your affairs and typically offer a single commission-based product as a solution. We prefer to clearly define the things you want more of in life and to help you establish the financial life plan you need to achieve them.

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