HMO Lettings

Each property has its own dedicated manager, providing an unrivalled level of customer service for landlords and for tenants.

Experts in HMO management of professional HMO rental properties in and around the South East and London. Managing HMO property can be challenging and time consuming. Regulations for HMO properties are continuously changing and that’s just the legal side of property management.

To maximise your return on an HMO, voids must be minimised, rents maximised, and maintenance costs managed. Leaving a dripping tap, that could have been fixed in 5 minutes, can turn into a flooded bathroom and floor damage. We act on everything.


Each house is allocated a dedicated property manager who knows the place inside out and is available 24/7. Regular property inspections and communications with tenants help ensure minor issues don’t become major problems. Our property managers understand the requirements for HMO properties and provide HMO advice to our HMO landlords when significant decisions are required.


We train each HMO letting agent to understand that each house has its own personality and strive to pick like-minded housemates who will fit right in. Property managers also endeavour to balance the number of males and females in each house. Our property managers conduct viewings when convenient for prospects, even if that’s after work or at the weekend. We were conducting virtual viewings well before the CV19 pandemic for housemates moving cities or countries.

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